Improve Math by solving Puzzles using Algorithms, Videos & Interactive Zoom session

Creating Spectrum of Solutions for the next generation Kids

Making Analytical & Mathematical skills stronger

Preparing our Kids to be the Problem Solvers of the future

Activate creativity and competitive advantage in Kids

2x2 cube
2x2 cube
3x3 cube
3x3 Pyraminx
3x3 Fisher
3x3x3 Barrel
3x3 Megaminx
2x2 cube
3x3 Windmill
MF Cross
Square 1
3x3x2 Barrel
2x2 Mirror
3x3x4 cube
3x3x2 Barrel
4x4 Pyraminx
2x2 Pyraminx

How do I Start

Click The Google Play Button.

Download AMALA The Puzzle App on your Phone.

Watch all the demo videos & read the details

Now go to ALL Videos. Click on any of the Puzzle icon

Start with 2×2 cube if you are a beginner

Click subscribe button

Now select one of the packs – Individual/Starter/Full/Master pack

Click the show button

Read the recommended type/brand of cubes & puzzles and where to buy them

Puzzle brand name is just a suggestion

Say you decide to click the Starter pack or Full pack. Click purchase

Now click continue and confirm. Complete the payment process

Now in case you need to buy the cubes

Go to any online portal for the puzzles and complete the purchase

Now you are ready to start

Good Luck – God speed


Access 75+ videos,   Algorithms,   Interactive Zoom session and much more

Watch Demo videos on  2×2,  3×3,  Windmill,  Fisher,  Mirror  &  Pyraminx cubes on  AMALA The Puzzle App

Videos and Live Interactive Sessions

Puzzles have (2-10) videos depending on their level of difficulty

Solving puzzles is explained Step by Step, Layer by Layer in the videos

All notations and Algorithms are explained in detail

Live interactive zoom sessions  are created to clear all your difficulties and doubts

When you subscribe for multiple cube pack like Full Packs you receive multiple numbers of zoom sessions. You can use these sessions for any of the cubes in the pack and not restricted to one specific cube. If you have no difficulties for a specific cube save the session for a more complex cube.

Puzzles & More

Subscriptions with a validity period can be subscribed as  Individual puzzle pack or as Multiple puzzle packs  

Multiple puzzle pack have additional discount over the Individual pack subscriptions

Validity of the Subscriptions

            INDIVIDUAL PACK :        Rs.299 valid for  360 days   

FULL PACK 20 puzzles :    Rs.4999 valid for 540 days

Expert Support

Available anytime anywhere on the go

Pick up from where you left. Practice at your own pace. 

First understand notations & algorithms and solve the cube and then concentrate on accelerating your speed in solving the cube. 

We will also be informing about the various Tournaments being conducted through our notifications

Start learning the puzzles in this order (based on their complexity to solve)

Level 1 : 2×2 cube, 3×3 cube.

Level 2 : 1x3x3, 3×3 Pyraminx, Jigsaw snake, 2x3x3 Barrel, 3x3x3 Barrel cube

Level 3 : 2x2x3 cube, Ivy cube, MF Cross, 2x3x3 cube, Skewb cube

Level 4 : 2×2 Mirror cube. 3×3 Mirror cube, 4×4 cube

Level 5 : 2×2 Pyraminx, 4×4 Pyraminx, 3x3x4 cube, Windmill cube, Fisher cube

Level 6 : 2×2 Megaminx, Square1, 3×3 Megaminx, 5×5 cube, 6×6 cube

Cubes & Puzzles


What Kids get exploring the Puzzles

Kids get to understand & solve the complexity of the puzzles similar to ones they face in their daily routine
Videos show how these complicated puzzles are
solved in the most easiest way.

Solving Puzzles help the Kids improve

Physical Skills

Spatial Awareness

Cognitive Skills

Eye & Hand Coordination 

Emotional Skills  &  Fine Motor Skills 

Most of all Puzzles are effective  ”Stress Busters”


All the Features of the App are intended to make Kids Smarter, Brighter, Inquisitive, Innovative, Think differently and get future ready

Video Lessons

Videos are in detail. Do not skip or jump the steps. Explore the cube. Have spare cubes if possible.

Free Demo Videos

Demos will give you a feel of what you get in the App

Tips & Tricks

Know the algorithms very well. To improve speed you should be able to memorize these and use without seeing while solving

Secure Payments

Use PayU money for transactions

Live Interactive Sessions

Use the zoom session wisely. Do not book your session until you have gone through all the videos and tried to solve yourself without help

Android and iOS

The App is available on both google playstore and apple App store

Puzzles & More

We will keep on adding new puzzles regularly


Write to us for any problem at


The screenshots give you an idea of what you get and how to get what you want

What our students say

Just loving it

Made so easy to understand
Beautifully made videos to understand the movement of the cube
Highly recommended if you are into solving puzzles



Thanks Amala for this App

As a kid in the 80's I had tried this unsuccessfully. Now when my son asked me how to solve the Rubik cube, I was stuck.
Then found this app

Now my son is always waiting to solve the next cube




Download the App & Subscribe to give that qualitative edge to your child to stand out in the crowd

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