Education Change: Time to Find Solutions that are Pragmatic and Determined to take children to be prepared for the future

As one of the leading #recreational education companies AMALA has total tech/App based learning to make a change in K-12 Kids.

AMALA is the wave of change in recreational learning which comes knocking at your door

The educational change we are seeing is complex and it is impossible to ignore the educational disparities between regions in the world, especially the east and the west due to change in the way we live, earn and eat.

All these forces make us think of sustainable education as we change to the new model of education systems.

Know how to adapt is what will separate genius kids form hard working properly educated lateral thinking kids. Their fate lies in what and how they learn in their first 18 years.

Even if the future is difficult to predict we can learn from the past.

AMALA has the clear vision of challenges ahead and solution we provide for K-12 Kids.

Currently AMALA The Puzzle App teaches 20 complex Cubes & Puzzles which is available to download on google playstore.

Some of the cubes are 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 1x3x3, 2x3x3, 2x2x3, Skewb, MF cross, Clock, 2×2 Megaminx, 2×2 Mirror, 3×3 Mirror, 3×3 Pyraminx, 4×4 Pyraminx, 3×3 Megaminx, 3×3 Fisher, 2×3 Barrel, 3×3 Barrel, Jigsaw, Ivy cubes.

We wish to introduce 3x3x4, 3×3 Megaminx, 5×5, Square-1, 2×2 Pyraminx shortly.


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