How to beat the STRESS in school kids preparing for competitive courses like IIT JEE, MAINS, DENTAL, MEDICINE, NEET, CAT, AIMS..etc

Think about it – we did it, lets not repeat.

We all know this. We parents  have gone through it. But finally we land up our kids in the exact place we were in.

Preparing for competitive exams has always been stressful. Even more now due to the competition.


We all know curd is good for our health. But Ayurveda says consumption of curd at night leads to mucus development.

So what’s right.   If you are having curd during day have it without sugar. If having it at night have it with sugar or black pepper. This helps in calm your digestive system.

Similarly to help stress during exams and studies, kids need to start learn & master some individual games played sitting in the chair, in their living room starting from (6-13)yrs of age along with 1 or 2 Art / Outdoor Sport.

Frankly our brain never rests. It shouldn’t. But it needs to be deviated for some time to get rest. Power nap is one of them.

Rubik Cubes, Jigsaw Puzzles, Pentomino puzzles, Juggling of 3-5 balls..etc are mathematical games played for 1-2 mins to give the brain a rest.

This is very effective when kids burn their midnight lights preparing for competitive exams.

Check our website for cognitive advantages kids get playing Rubik Cubes & Puzzles.

God bless – God speed

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