Mathematics related puzzles or activities could give your child’s learning a great boost in many ways and remove the fear of Math.

Math & Geometry related challenges can help children hone the skills they need for SATs, ISAT, PSAT, CAT’s …etc.

These activities encourage children to develop their reasoning skills, think in a Mathematical way and improve their short term memory skills, as well as building their understanding of non-verbal concepts like space, shape and number.

They help them engage with numbers and algorithms from a young age.

The very act of working through a difficult problem to find the solution is rewarding. They engage children in the subject and help them see a purpose in what they are doing.

Puzzle activities could help your child get to grips with a wide range of Mathematical principles & Algorithms. These activities help children develop fluency with numbers and become more skilled at using Mental Images to solve problems

Puzzles can also help children to Master the Math concepts that form an important part of everyday life.

Puzzle solving games don’t just give children an understanding of a particular mathematical or algorithm concept.  They also help them develop their problem-solving skills.

Research shows that Math related games allow children to work at their own level and to learn from each other. All they need is some guidance

Foreign University researchers found that young children who engage in puzzles at home develop better spatial skills than those who don’t.

A study from the Institute of Fiscal Studies showed that children who have strong math skills at age 10 earn significantly and become smart more in their 30s

Wanting to put the theory into practice? 

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