Preparing Kids for a better future

Cubes & Puzzles


Kids face hurdles everyday in their routine life.

Right from leaving home for school to returning back from tutions.

Most kids do not get to play their choice field sport properly (scarcity of time/ competition / lack of guide..etc) at some point of time and shift to individual digital sport due to various reasons.

But do they choose the individual sport which helps them in the future. No!!! . Most of these are mobile games, PSP games, XBOX games ..etc.

Mental games & Puzzles were thought to be meant only to the top 5% kids who were naturally intelligent or talented. what about the rest 95%. We thought with a little guided help if we could bring extract the talent of these kids, make them Think and Explore new ways to solve cubes, we add a little in bettering their future.

With the App, Kids get to understand & solve the complexity of the puzzles.
Videos show how these complicated puzzles are solved Step by Step, layer by Layer in the most easiest way.

Try out AMALA THE PUZZLE APP on playstore


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